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The next best move.

I came across a YouTube video a few months back about following your ‘Internal GPS’ for the ‘The Next Best Move’ and I really resonated with it. I get very [...]
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The Theatre of Walking.

As we walk, we are often deeply invested in the theatre of our life, not even aware we are engaging in a type of theatre as we mull over things.
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The Double Edged Sword of Speech

When my mother was very young, the doctor told my grandmother that her daughter would never speak because of the severity of her cleft palate. But my grandmother refused to [...]
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Be in this world but not of it.

Be in this world but not of it. I don’t know who said that, and I zero interest in looking it up. But we have all heard it right? What [...]
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Not Healing, Transmuting

Trigger warning, this blog post refers to violence to children but not in any detail. This is a positive sharing. A couple of months back, I wrote a post on [...]
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Finding my voice.

I am writing this first post on a plane, coming home from a time in Indonesia, where I worked on a theatre project in the ARTJOG festival, Indonesia’s most significant [...]
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