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The Magic of Word T-shirts

Words. I am a writer. See previous posts about my recent script projects. I am now preparing a new script, to be presented half way through this year. Writing brings me joy. So how fitting to come back to making designs based in words and language for Botanic Mystic. I put so much thought into each design and what it means. Each word has so many possible meanings to convey. Each word is mystic. I remember reading in the book The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz, that words are a kind of magic. We cast a type of spell with the words we use. They hold power. We create good or bad in the world with our words. Both those we speak to ourselves and those we speak to others. So what words do we choose to use, and how do we choose to use them?

One thing which has helped me immensely over the last couple of years as I have been learning how to heal the impacts of CPTSD and to manage my ADHD traits, has been to focus my brain with the use of words which are empowering and which take my focus deliberately to the direction which I want in life. Some people call this using affirmations. Some people call it using a mantra. Particularly ‘I AM’ statements can be very helpful, using a statement you resonate with which you can repeat to reprogram your mind. This is one of mine: I am powerful, empowered, loving, healed- a goddess.

So here are some of my new word designs for the New Year. The fun I have had writing each item description in my shop. My Etsy coach says not to ramble with item descriptions, but I like writing something which might uplift someone else. I remember particularly when I was so desperate and unhealed, and even now sometimes, coming across a tiny sentence which is in anyway empowering can be at times like a lifeline. Even for an item description in an online shop. So I include the descriptions I crafted for my Etsy shop here. In fact this is the inspiration for writing this post. Apologies for how daggy they are. And excuse the mock ups! There is no way I could photograph each item itself. But my mock ups are getting better if I do say so myself! Click on image to go to the listing.


To say ‘touché’ is to give credit where credit is due, to acknowledge another’s wit and insight. Great communication!
A great couples t-shirt set, teachers shirt, or linguistic lovers tee.

A woman in a black t-shirt with the word Touché and it's phonetic notation in yellow


To be Authentic means to show your true self, to not be afraid to express who you are. Great for someone special whose authentic nature you’d like to celebrate. A lovely Valentines gift! Or a gift for yourself to remember your own authentic nature. If everyone could be authentic, we would see peace in the world. This design features phonetic notation of the word ‘Authentic’ and it’s Oxford dictionary definition printed on the back in a different shade of pink.

a white unisex Authentic tshirt with phonetic notation in purple lettering


To ‘Transmute’ is to transform your challenges into your empowerment. Originally a concept used in alchemy, we can apply the idea to our lives and emotions, using our focus to transform suffering into love. This very cool, elegant and stylish premium t-shirt is a great reminder as we go through challenges to keep a positive focus to ascend to higher levels of consciousness. A perfect divine feminine shirt for all genders.

A black unisex t-shirt with the word 'Transmute' and it's phonetic notation in pink


Speech shirt in pink lettering with phonetic alphabet. This unisex pure cotton t-shirt is a great speech therapist’s shirt or for a speech language pathologist, a language gift or just for those who celebrate speech and the freedom it can give.

(click on listing to read more about our family story with Speech)

a black unisex SPEECH shirt with phonetic notation in pink lettering


This one word t-shirt design says much much more than words can convey. When we place our attention on our breath in any situation we can immediately calm ourselves and come back to centre. A great reminder to ourselves and others.

a black unisex t-shirt with BREATHE in green lettering


To Neuro Diverge means to accept yourself and others wholly who diverge from the perception of ‘normal’. It means to embrace being a rebel and expressing yourself for who you are and voicing your truth without fear. A great unisex neurodiversity awareness gift, teacher’s t-shirt or counsellor’s apparel.


To celebrate our capacity to alchemise our challenges into power and abundance in all aspects of life. This design features the phonetic notation of the word ‘Alchemize’, and the oxford dictionary definition on the back, ‘Transform the nature or properties of something by a seemingly magical process’

a black unisex tshirt with the word Alchemize and it's phonetic notation in yellow

And more! You will see a limited range here over the coming weeks, or check out the whole shop section at our shop  https://botanicmystic.etsy.com

Thank you for all your support

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