Death is EASY. Love is the Challenge.

To the fighters with guns and holy books on all sides.

Please don’t say that the actions of Israel right now in Palestine are justified by the deaths of the young people who were killed in the terrorist act by Hamas at the music festival. In fact, if you have, consider an apology to those young people who died at that festival. Including Shani Louk, a 22 year old peace loving artist whose dead body was evidently paraded by Hamas on the back of a vehicle through Gaza. No, even she would not agree to the relentless killing of children in Palestine or anywhere. Those young people were at a psy-trance party and could be many of us, dancing joyfully under the sky, experiencing unity and peace. And whatever occurred, I believe would still never agree to the relentless killing of children taking place with the terrible act of genocide which is happening to the Palestinian people.

It’s time to remember the young people, children and babies killed in fighting all over the world by warring factions stuck in old ways and outdated belief systems on both sides. Yes we can say it’s a genocide for sure, but it’s more than that. It’s a pattern repeated in one way or another all over the world, because of humanity’s stuck consciousness. It’s our outdated beliefs and systems that are killing this planet.

It’s time to allow the feminine to flourish. I’m not talking about gender, I am talking about embracing the full spectrum of life. To you all fighting to keep the old patriarchal beliefs in place, its time to stop suppressing the joy and the beauty and the creativity and uniqueness that is here and exists on the spectrum of life. Stop trying to control or force or make gain from the beauty to be found on our planet. This goes for all systems, religions, political systems, economic systems which are based on patriarchal control and benefit. Systems should only ever be a solid structure from which beauty can grow and flourish. Creation. Or else what is this life we live for?

Stop working against your true nature. It is yourself that you are killing. And stop believing in the lies of those old beliefs. You know they aren’t true. Stop using lies as a way to manipulate others for personal power and gain, and to put yourself down, to believe that you are not worthy and powerful.

Then start telling the truth. From the depth of your core. Look at what needs to be healed within. For any pain we’re yet to heal will always be projected onto the world around us. You with your guns and holy books and podiums of one sort or another have so much power you don’t utilise, because you think the guns and the holy books are enough to avoid the truth. And truth is the challenge. So you miss your capacity to guide with inner authority and integrity. With honesty. With vulnerability. To create safety and love and compassion. To act with depth and courage far deeper than a fear of death.


I am not afraid to die. Living life with love is what takes courage. So stop being cowards. You who are meant to be such wise religious leaders. Stop using lies about death to control and manipulate others. Stop using death to escape your deeper knowing. You are a shining light, with an essence that goes way beyond any of those lies that keep us separate. All of us. This is for all of us. All of us are part of the same source, the same light, the same energy, whatever you call it. We all have the capacity to create atrocity, given the right circumstances. Yet at our core we are love, beauty, innocence..

Humanity, it’s time to shine.

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