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Could neurodivergent people be barometers of the spiritual health of a society?

Many people are being diagnosed in their adult years these days as on the ADHD and autism other neurodivergent spectrums including acquired neurodivergence such as trauma related conditions and ABI’s.

To be honest, I don’t like the term ‘disorder’. It suggests there is something wrong. But to acknowledge how challenging ADHD can make life is important. If it disrupts your life, because you can’t function within the system of this world, we can consider it a disorder, and there is useful help available for this. But the question is, is it the person who is disordered, or is it the world we live in? People who are neurodivergent are sensitive, and as such are like barometers to the disorder in our world. To dishonesty, to insensitivity, to denial of the deeper truth of who we are in preference to hustling and superficial success and gain. In general it seems that neurodivergent people aren’t too concerned with power games around status, money and greed. In fact, we get burnt by these things. Indeed, I believe that you can tell the spiritual health of a society by how at ease it’s neurodivergent people are. If a society lives from it’s heart, and this natural creative expression of the individual is honoured and celebrated, indeed, neurodivergent people will thrive.

A young woman wears a black t-shirt with 'neurodiverge' lettering

I am posting this late at night before finishing the translation of part of a script from Indonesian language into English ready for rehearsals tomorrow. I am so happy and in my element doing this, working with amazing creative people who allow me to be who I am and accept me for who I am, and where I am autonomous in my work, as is everyone else. This is how we can all live. Everyone doing what they love and working together autonomously, accepting each other and allowing each other’s uniqueness to shine. That is a spiritually healthy society. That is a society where everyone can thrive. Not at the expense of anyone else, but with everyone fulfilling their true purpose and living their best potential in any moment and all contributing in their own unique way.

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Much love

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