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Be in this world but not of it.

Be in this world but not of it.

I don’t know who said that, and I zero interest in looking it up. But we have all heard it right?

What does it mean, this elusive state of being in the world but not of it?

It is a spiritual key, to a happy life, to success and abundance.

All over youtube, there are people talking about it in contemporary new age terms. Moving into the 5D. Living in soul. New earth. Raising our consciousness.

But how do we do this when everyday life requires us to do things. When we have to negotiate situations that are challenging. How do we stop the eternal thought cycle from going on in our heads and be in the now when there are so many things we think we have to do to survive?

And the fact is, so many of us are living lives where we are not listening to our hearts. Where we are not living at one with our soul. Pushing ourselves to do things our heart doesn’t want.

But when we can align with our higher self, our higher power, our true love, and keep our focus there, things start to unfold in unimaginable ways. We start to get the courage to step away from things we are doing just out of fear of survival. And then there’s a different type of fear, the one which is good, the fear that we need to step through in order to move towards our truth. Each time we overcome this good healthy fear, we get an enormous amount of energy, a shift into a higher level of ourselves, paving the way for new experiences and opportunities to come. It has taken me a long long time to understand this. Sometimes I feel sad I have taken so long to understand this. But dwelling on that is not helpful. Because to step through this fear takes an incredible amount of focus, and clear thinking. And then to manage all that incredible energy which comes with overcoming a fear takes even more focus. To not get too excited and in our heads about our successes, but also to not get disappointed in what doesn’t work the way we want. To keep flowing, getting things done as needed while not getting bogged down in the outcomes is a huge challenge. To stay always connected with the larger picture even while managing the nitty gritty details.

I am in the middle of a theatre season which has been a beautiful process. I have two guests, collaborators from Indonesia staying with me, and working together with a team here in Melbourne. And as producer of the project I have been in charge of keeping it running smoothly, and making sure we get audience in, with dreams of taking this important work further, getting reviews and interviews.

A week ago, when the second collaborator was due to arrive, everything went seemingly wrong. My car broke down, and I was in tooth pain. In the ended I needed to hire a car early morning in time to pick up my guest from the airport, arrange my car to be fixed that same morning, and go to the dentist that arvo alongside managing all the requirements of the performance rehearsals and other producing things so that rehearsals, the next day, would still run smoothly, alongside manage my Etsy shop which suddenly was getting a lot of sales. I had customer service requests and lanterns to make up. From being in a space of relative freedom in the way I spend my time I suddenly had to plan out every moment of time. Which can be super exhausting for me. This is where my challenge to be in the world but not of it was tested.

I continued listening to meditations to keep my thoughts focussed on my highest self and highest goals, and generating feelings of gratitude and love. As someone with ADHD and CPTSD this in the past has been a real challenge, with lots of negative thought spirals which would really affect me, but I kept going, using various tracks I resonate with to help me as sorted my car, made calls, answered emails and drove around and did all the tasks I needed to do. I didn’t hide this from anyone in the team.  I allowed myself the grace to use my headphones as I needed and to rest when I needed. And I took time to enjoy interactions with my mechanic, the car hire family, my guests and the dentist, (who pulled out a tooth). The car ended up costing a lot. And the tooth needs expensive treatment.

But I didn’t let that get me down and stayed focussed on the bigger picture. On my ‘highest self’.

And now, a week later, I feel amazing.

The car is sorted. Tooth is getting there. The rehearsals unfolded seamlessly, and we have had sell out shows every eve without hustling at all. Just a few posts I have shared from my heart, alongside those the team have shared. We had a 4 star review, and we still have 1 week to go and we are pretty much sold out.

And my shop keeps ticking over. I made up the lanterns. Which helps me feel supported amidst all of this.

And yes I am late to write a blog post, but here it is, I am writing it before I head off to mentor this morning. Later today I am making lanterns to fulfil an order before we head in to the theatre this evening. Couldn’t live at this pace constantly, but right now, it’s fine. As I continue to support myself to stay in a higher state, using my headphones and listening to when I need rest, I am flowing.

Being in the world but not of it, as much as I could this week during a particularly busy and intense time,  has raised my vibration, my capacity, and produced results far beyond those which I would have achieved if I had of been stressing and worrying about everything.

Considering half way through the year, before I finally got a diagnosis and really fully started to understand, embrace and communicate my experience with my ADHD and CPTSD traits, I was at a real low point, and thinking about dying, this is pretty good.

And I am not concerned about going back there.

Because as we spiritually evolve, we don’t go back. We keep spiralling forward. We dip down a bit, but our set point is forever moved and we always come back again and continue up.

You can support my work here at my shop.

And details about the show are here.

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